We are Tony and Nadia Moen, and we founded Door County for Liberty during the height of the 2016 election cycle.  It had become clear that we could no longer sit by and watch; as our nation was increasingly disillusioned and divided by the toxic political landscape, parasitic media, and rampant misinformation all around us.  We spread awareness locally about the Libertarian Party via homemade and officially purchased materials, told everyone who would listen to vote for Gary Johnson, and did our due diligence to promote the party platform. 

Since then, it has been our passion to help others understand the principles of
self-ownership, government accountability, and individual liberty!

In this election year of 2020, we have been once again working incredibly hard to further the cause!  This time around, we have had the amazing opportunity to become OFFICIAL affiliates of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin and help light up yet another county GOLD in our beloved state!   Not only that, but we have also had the unique honor of working directly with the campaign for Dr. Jo Jorgensen! She has been very effectively utilizing her tremendous grassroots support, and campaign resources and networking to bring outreach to those who seek to actively volunteer for the historic movement to get her to the White House this November! 

WE are very proud to be part of this fight for human individual LIBERTY in our LIFETIME!

Outside of politics, we are also very proud parents of three quick witted, eternally loving, and strong willed individuals!  We are passionate about life, nature, adventure, and the pursuit of happiness; never backing down from the many challenges that life produces.  Our principles are rooted firmly in individualism and self-accountability, but also voluntaryism and community service.

"Our LIBERTIES we prize, and our RIGHTS we will maintain!"

We strive to work within our local and state communities, as well as abroad, to burn the torch of LIBERTY bright enough for anyone who seeks it!  Although at this point we are a rather small organization, we seek to make a large impact! 

Our mission in this cause is to:

Educate others on the principles of Libertarianism

Grow the Libertarian Party

Support Liberty candidates

Even eventually participate in our duty of civil service to our communities and run for local and state offices!

WE ARE capable of achieving a system that serves EVERYONE; molded through creativity not coercion,voluntaryism not violence, and freedom not force! 

We envision a world where our children and their communities maintain the liberty to define the outcome and determination of their own lives.  An era of PEACE, PROSPERITY, AND HEALING for ALL people in ALL lands; humans working together in voluntary solutions for the progression of our society and species!    

WE CAN work together and overcome the challenges that face the most vulnerable members of our communities.

WE WILL stand against the continued exploitation of our friends and families, the corruption of legal favoritism and corporate lobbying.



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