We fight for medical and consumer freedom in door county!

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We ARE the radical ones who will #EndtheDrugWar!!

The Libertarian Party is the ONLY major political movement that actively seeks to remove the barriers prohibiting harmless, innocent people from consuming and utilizing the substances that THEY choose.

We believe in #freedom, in each individual human's right to choose what is best for their own body and livelihood; to decide for themselves in accordance to their principles, beliefs, and knowledge the activities by which they partake in.

If there is no victim, there is no crime. Unless direct evidence of abuse, or negligent mistreatment of others occurs, those who partake in the consumption of any substance whether for medical or recreational reasons, should be respected the Liberty to do so!

It is well beyond time we start demanding #medicalfreedom and a fair, open, and consumer driven #freemarket for proper research and development to provide the safest and purest quality for those who seek it.

Only TOGETHER, can we stand against the Big Government bureaucratic system, driven and funded by the desires of special interest groups from big-pharma to the lumber/paper industry.

Only TOGETHER, can we stand against the Totalitarian Police State that incarcerates the most vulnerable members of our community. Decades of failed "War on Drugs" policymaking that has only left our streets more dangerous, our neighborhoods more devastated, and families more broken.

Only TOGETHER, can we begin to HEAL the wounds and work toward a better future for each individual to determine what is best for themselves, their families, and their communities!!!

Known to Treat

Nausea & Vomiting
Anorexia & Cachexia
Movement Disorders

Dependency & Withdrawal
Psychiatric Symptoms
Autoimmune Diseases