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We ARE the LOVERS, and we cherish the lives of everyone, regardless of natural circumstance! So long as you are not harming another, nor preventing them from freely living their own life, then live and let live!

We ARE the DREAMERS, that dare to foresee the path toward a better, more prosperous tomorrow! We envision a world set free from centralized control structures, where humans can interact and transact non-violently without ostracization!

We ARE the BELIEVERS, who respect the right for each person to decide what is best for themselves! We understand that we know not what is best for anyone else's lives, but our own, and as such do not dictate how others live!

We ARE the TRUTH SEEKERS, we do not settle for political pandering, misguided doublespeak, or weaponized propaganda and misinformation! We will, based on our own determinations, decide what information is best suited for our livelihoods and grant everyone else the freedom to do the same!

We ARE the PEACE MAKERS, who through mutual understanding and non-aggression will UNITE humanity in the pursuit of individual liberty and COOPERATION! We can have a world of peace in our lifetime, where goods and services cross borders, not bombs and soldiers!

We ARE the BOLD ONES, driven endlessly in our endeavor to unleash the true power of human spirit, innovation, and ingenuity! We proudly will never back down, nor cease carrying our torches for others to see in the darkness!

We ARE the CRAZY ONES, willing to stand against the single largest, most vile Authoritarian institution that has ever claimed the reins of human enslavement! The odds are never in our favor, and yet we hold our resolve and tenacity courageously!

We ARE the RADICAL ONES, with compassion to not only "patch" the current system, that plagues our society with more issues than it resolves; but tear it down entirely where needed and find solutions that work toward FREE NON-VIOLENT HUMAN INTERACTION!

We ARE the REVOLUTION, the one not televised, the one that your Government warned you about, that has NEVER ceased since the dawn of humanity! We are tired of politics ruining our world, it's time to take back what should never have been in the hands of the political traitors to begin with!

We ARE the POWER, as each and every person on this planet is in absolute control of their body, their beliefs, and their actions. Humans have risen above some of the worst experiences of oppression, control, and devastation; and grown stronger in our individual spirit, and ultimate desire for freedom, because of it!

We ARE the LIBERTARIANS, this is no longer simply another "political party", this is an unstoppable movement, a grassroots collective of individuals who are ready to help usher in the next level of free human expression and societal evolution!

We are the architects of a more positive, happier, healthier, and productive world; where the natural born rights of each individual are upheld and respected! Where every person, regardless of the condition of their birth, have the capability to operate freely in this society; without varying obstacles put in their way to keep them from participating and prospering!

Thanks to Those Who Support Us!

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As an independent, grassroots organization, we depend entirely on support from exceptional everyday people like YOU! 
If you are interested in helping our efforts, please make sure you reach out immediately! 
We can absolutely use all the assistance we can get to spread the message of LIBERTY far and wide!