After Nearly 3 DECADES

One of the most common excuses for why #Cannabis should be illegal is the claim that it would have negative effects on the communities where it is allowed to be consumed, either for medical or recreational purposes. That if we #DecriminalizeIt or #LegalizeIt there will be an increase in drug use among our adolescent populations and an excess of overdoses, as well as crime. After nearly 3 DECADES of empirical data and in-depth research throughout the areas in our country that have already legalized in some capacity, this has been found to be patently false. In fact, for most of the aforementioned issues, quite the opposite is true. Decriminalizing REDUCES addiction rates, REDUCES death and injury from overdose or improper use, REDUCES adolescent use, REDUCES crime, and SO MUCH MORE! It actually makes our streets SAFER to live in, brings light to those who need medical help, and provides more efficient and effective ways for people to obtain and consume Cannabis. We NEED #medicalfreedom NOW! #EndCannabisProhibition #EndtheDrugWar #EndQualifiedImmunity #EndNoKnockRaids #EndCivilAssetForfeiture #EndMandatoryMinimums "In conclusion, our study of self-reported marijuana use by adolescents in states with a medical marijuana policy compared with a sample of geographically similar states without a policy does not demonstrate increases in marijuana use among high school students that may be attributed to the policies."

Choo, Esther K. et al., "The Impact of State Medical Marijuana Legislation on Adolescent Marijuana Use," Journal of Adolescent Health, August 2014, Volume 55, Issue 2, p. 160 - 166.

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