Era of Libertarianism!

Now that the election is "over" for POTUS we have a greater capacity to step back, breath, and refocus our efforts on the most important aspect of being a Libertarian...growing the movement and educating the masses on all levels.

We will be taking the momentum of this campaign and all the tremendous people we have worked along with, to truly carry the message of Liberty far and wide.

Locally, we have only just begun to let Door County know that the Libertarian Party is HERE and will be silenced no longer. We will make a stand in our communities throughout this beautiful county and the great state of Wisconsin that we all reside in!!!

If you have been disgruntled, radicalized, and disenfranchised by this corrupt Duopoly system that rewards the worst members of our society with the levers of control over all of us, then THIS is the movement you've been yearning for.

Those who live in the Door, Kewaunee, or Brown County areas, we need your help! Only together do we stand a chance of setting free the power of free and voluntary human interaction!! It's all hands on deck and WE ARE THE POWER!!!

The Libertarian Party of Door County will be meeting in person monthly from here on out and we would LOVE for you all to join us! We will be discussing how we can grow Liberty in our neighborhoods, how we can make real lasting and impactful change by stepping up and running for local offices, how we can continue to move this momentum forward and truly make it the #EraofLibertarianism!!

STAY TUNED for all the details! We are absolutely committed to continuing this fight alongside of all of you!!

#LPDC #DoorCo4Liberty #LPWI #LP #LibertyMovement #LibertyforALL

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