History of Cannabis

"Cannabinoids have been used medicinally for thousands of years in China, India, and the Middle East. Of course, most traditional medicines were plant-based, but until recently no one knew how or why they worked. Though cannabinoids are a very old form of medication, we are inspired by this "folk medicine," whose efficacy modern science now routinely verifies, and we are capable of creating systematic and effective use of cannabinoid therapies.

While cannabinoids were widely used in the West during the 19th century, the technology was lacking to detect and understand its active ingredients, to standardize dosages of those ingredients, and to effectively deliver those ingredients, owing largely to cannabinoids' non-water-solubility. Consequently, it became less widely used in the early 20th century and was eventually renamed "marijuana". It was gradually removed from the pharmacopeiae of most advanced countries; and research was discouraged." "The Science of Cannabinoids" Cannabis Science, Inc. Cannabis Science Inc. - The Science of Cannabinoids We NEED #medicalfreedom NOW! #DecriminalizeIt #LegalizeIt #EndCannabisProhibition #EndtheDrugWar #EndQualifiedImmunity #EndNoKnockRaids #EndCivilAssetForfeiture #EndMandatoryMinimums

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