In Response to Recent Violence

When is Enough truly ENOUGH!?

My heart grows weary of dragging across the floor. When is enough, truly enough my friends? How many more innocent lives must be sacrificed at the alter of ego and complacency? How many more parents, siblings, and friends must bury their loved ones, each and every one a victim of circumstance, collateral damage of a society waging war on itself.

Can you earnestly look yourself in the mirror, deep within the endless abyss at the center of your irises and convince the fibers of your existence that any death is more justified in it's prevalence, it's importance to recognize?

That somehow each of these is not a clear example of the disintegration of humanity in our culture; a select few of which are exploited, politicized, and weaponized for deeper narratives and agendas?

The rippling waves of sorrow and pain are immeasurable, insurmountable adjuvants, upon all who experience a fragmentation of their soul after losing someone close in life and love. A dark eternally spanning void that can only be bridged, never convalesced. The torment sequestered in the deepest corners of regret and forlorn for moments that will never come to pass. Not one single life that is taken is spared from carrying these burdens.

When we state a phrase like "ALL LIVES MATTER", it is out of the utter respect and genuine sympathy for every single person that is suffering from this festering culture of aggression. An era where the social priority of your misfortunes or death is measured in online comment threads by strangers who know not the pain of never looking into your eyes again. Humans of all kinds, in all places, in all this country AND around the globe; not one is less important than another, not one deserves less value placed upon their lives. Nobody is immune from destruction, though some feel it's cold reproach more discernibly than others.

We hear your cries, we will not forget your stories, and we will ever seek to remove the divisive constructs that influenced the injustices wrought against you; to set ablaze the guiding light of liberty and freedom for all who dwell in the darkest reaches of our communities. Not just for Cannon Hinnant, Ryan Whitaker, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Duncan Lemp, Tony Timpa, Daniel Shaver, Garret Foster, Eric Garner, Christian Warzniak, or Cordarrow Hirthe; but also the heartbreakingly endless register of names that are incomprehensible, an unimaginable toll for so many communities to bare.

Please find my words, not as a proclamation toward what the eternal and morally right path in life should be, as I say, "to each their own"; but rather understand that now more than ever, it is the time for us to come together. It is the time for healing, community, friendship, and forgiveness. It is the time for looking beyond each other's differences, and recognizing each other for our similarities. We are all just people trying to get by and live our best lives while we are here. We are all important in some way and hold value to this world. We are ALL ONE SPECIES!

LAY DOWN YOUR ARMAMENTS, RAISE YOUR ARMS, AND EMBRACE UNITY! Our society cannot survive in a constant state of cannibalism. Our virtues cannot withhold the absence of foundational principles, rooted in the good will of ALL!

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