International Women's Day 2021

Happy #internationalwomensday2021 to all the Liberty-loving ladies out there who fight for the freedom of ALL humans!

I feel incredibly proud and blessed always, to have wandered into the life of a courageous and bold woman; with raw tenacity, universal brevity, and the ideologies of Libertarianism running through her very veins!

The power of this woman's H3art Of Gold will help forge the world into a more kind, patient, and loving place!!! I absolutely cannot wait to witness the impact you make on our communities!

On this day...please help me honor the women, who have against all odds, preserved the divine power of feminine individuality and strived to leave the world a more nurtured place for our future generations to prosper!!

#NadiaforSturgeonBay #NadiaforCityCouncil #NadiaforLiberty #LadiesofLiberty #MyLadyLiberty

If you haven't yet, make sure to head over to Nadia Moen for Sturgeon Bay City Council and help support her local campaign for REAL change!!!

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