Liberty Never Stops!

We've been a little "quiet" here in Facebook lately and it's for good reason. A LOT is happening behind the scenes folks...

We are working very diligently with many irons currently in the fire of LIBERTY!!

Currently, we are working to continue to build and grow our local affiliate, holding monthly meetings and establishing plans for local activism and volunteerism.

Along with that, both Nadia and myself are organizing our very own local campaign bids, her for Nadia Moen for Sturgeon Bay City Council and me Tony Moen, Libertarian for Door County Board of Supervisors .

Although both these elections take place in 2022, it's NEVER too early and we have SO MUCH planned to get active in our local political theater.

Speaking of 2022, we are still consistently working on and with Jacob VandenPlas for Congress, designing operating and updating his website, tracking his donations, producing his visual marketing content and videos, and strategizing his continually growing campaign.

Along with that I have announced my intentions to run for the Chair of the LPWI and am currently formulating an outlined platform of my goals for the party, and my intentions of how to achieve them. Jake has also announced his interest for LPWI Vice-Chair, so we have also been elaborating on how best we can work together to serve the state.

Beyond this, we obviously have our weekly episodes of Life and Liberty Podcast that we pre-record a week ahead of time and stream on Free Speech Media along with The Nerditarians each Saturday. Of course facilitating THIS page, NE Wisconsin for Jacob VandenPlas , Libertarian Cannabis Collective , Young Radicals for Liberty , Fullmindedfools , and other smaller pages, while creating content for as many as I can in a given week.

On top of ALL of this, we have 3 children, jobs, projects, hobbies, daily exercise, extended family and friends...aaaaaand where possible rest and relaxation to recharge our batteries.

#LifeofLiberty #LibertyNEVERStops

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