LPDC Paid for a Billboard in Sturgeon Bay!

Hard work in the making FOLKS!!!

Part of the money to Pull this AD together was the help from the donations of many of you who showed up for the Jorgensen Rally in Madison!! SO THANK YOU!!!

We will be running this AD for a whole week as we approach the election!! Not Only do we need to END Voter Silencing and show people there are more options than those POLORIZING AUTHORITARIAN Candidates up there making a fool of themselves... BUT also, We want to make Door County Aware they have representation for the first time in history!!!

SO many in this county and the counties surrounding have been under the boot of over regulations and terrible legislation, that often leaves our politicians fighting with each other and the people at the mercy of those wars.

The Libertarian Party of Door County is here to fight for you and to help you fight for yourself. It's time we get back to PRINCPLES!

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