OVER 100 Cannabinoids in Cannabis!

Well over ONE HUNDRED cannabinoids can be found in the #Cannabis plant!

These compounds interact with our body's natural Endocannabinoid System, and can influence those receptors in a number of beneficial and even healing manners to alleviate an ever-growing list of common and uncommon ailments; many which have negative consequences on people's lives.

The days of stigmatic policymaking toward this extremely crucial medical tool must come to an end. #LegalizeIt and allow adults in our society to discover for themselves the absolute plethora of potential benefits that this plant has to offer.

There can no longer be an excuse that it's impact on our communities is unknown, or propagandized misinformation regarding it's safety for healthy adult consumption.

We have seen first hand in many places throughout the world, and now here in our own legal States, that educating people about it's benefits and ways to properly and safely consume has FAR better and more positive results.

We cannot as a "Civilized Society" continue criminalizing and waging open warfare against otherwise innocent humans, assaulting and incarcerating fathers and mothers, siblings and friends, even distinguished community members; nor permitting government forces to break into our loved ones' homes in the middle of the night and kill them while they sleep, stealing their properties, their dignities, and their future prosperities with absolutely NO accountability.

...All for what...their health and safety?

We NEED #medicalfreedom and to #EndCannabisProhibition NOW!

"We do not have a drug problem in our country, we have a PROHIBITION problem!" - Dr. Jo Jorgensen

#EndtheDrugWar #EndQualifiedImmunity #EndNoKnockRaids #EndCivilAssetForfeiture #EndMandatoryMinimums

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