Since When?

Everyone knows Biden isn't actually officially the President-elect yet, right!?

Since when does the media have the legal authority to declare a victor in US Presidential elections...last time I checked we have until December for official results.

Announcing this early, and with so many variables that could sway the outcome, is dangerous for the civil stability in our streets...

We should all be treading a lot more carefully with how fragile the state of our Union currently is. If Biden gets declared the winner, but then it gets overturned, that could spell violent trouble for our communities.

Give an undisciplined child a brand new toy, and then take it right away from them and replace it with the broken toy they no longer want...they'll throw a fit.

This election is truly far from over at this point and I think it'd be a lot wiser if we all refrain from acting like it is. I know we all want this to just be over with, but we could be playing with fire.

Aaannd before I get accused of favoring one outcome over another, I do think it's equally as likely to see civil unrest from his supporters if Trump fights for the results to be overturned and loses.

This is why I consistently stated we needed to elect an actual unifying candidate, like Dr. Jo Jorgensen. The tension in this nation has reached a critical breaking point and this election has the potential of being the catalyst.

Stay safe out there friends, and remember not to let two corrupt, political hacks tear you and your communities apart. They don't care about us, our futures, or our safety, don't let them destroy our nation and it's integrity.

LOVE and LIBERTY are the only way!

#LibertyisLove #NoHate #NoViolence #Election2020 #LibertyMovement #LP #LPWI #LPDC #DoorCo4Liberty

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