We Got to SPEAK at the Rally for Dr. Jo Jorgensen

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We had the incredible honor of speaking at the rally for Dr. Jo Jorgensen in Oshkosh on July 25th @ the Leach Amphitheater!

Will we go down in history as a land born in the fire of unbridled human spirit, only to die in its smothered ashes? Or...will we fan the flames and let our torches burn brightly?

Here is the text of our speech:

We are Tony & Nadia Moen from the Libertarian Party of Door County and we would like to thank you for coming here today and allowing us to speak with you about the Libertarian Party and to help put Dr. Jo Jorgensen on the ballot this November.

Like so many of you, we have been incapable of ignoring the growing call to action. These times we live in are unlike ANYTHING most of us have ever seen before. Rising civil tensions, misinformation, open warfare on our streets, and fear keep our nation in a state of controlled chaos. It is now glaringly obvious to so many every-day people that this system is no longer beholden to us, nor responsible for its own actions.

We rally today alongside nearly 5 decades of concurrent political activism. The founding members of the Libertarian Party dared to stand boldly, up against a rising threat of ever eroding civil liberties. Like the founding fathers before them, their cause rooted deeply by the desire to set free the capabilities of human spirit and ingenuity. They witnessed a world descending persistently into political turmoil, cycles of war abroad and in our streets, and endless systemic financial slavery.

Unable to neglect the silenced cries of their fellow citizens, they reignited a torch long becloud. Illuminating the passage for political nomads, left abandoned by disastrous generations of deceitful crony policy making. Their message spoke of true American principles, of LIFE, LIBERTY, & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS for ALL people in our land.

Since the first vote cast in 1972...to every single one in the most recent election cycle, where our party obtained nearly 4.5 million total votes...Libertarianism has demonstrated its ability to listen to and stand for the voices of ALL America’s most vulnerable communities. To make EVERY VOTE matter! Our message of self-ownership and accountability resounds deeply in the charitable and entrepreneurial spirit, that has ever been the foundation in this land of united individuals.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen has the educational background, and firsthand leadership experience to guide our nation in a new direction. Her Libertarian plan is BOLD, and a true expression of human individual liberty; as she has been fighting on the ground, and in the trenches for decades to help average American’s understand how this message speaks to them!

Dr. Jo Jorgensen fights to give the power BACK to the people and the local governments that serve them. She fights to remove the barriers that have arbitrarily limited the prosperity of MILLIONS. She fights to return our nation’s principles to LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, rather than legal privilege and protection for only the well-connected. She fights along WITH America to take back our government and make this land once again OF, FOR, and BY THE PEOPLE!

It is the responsibility of EVERY American here today who carries the power of their vote, their voice, and thus their representation to stand with her and defend our nation’s integrity. Will we go down in history as a land born in the fire of unbridled human spirit, only to die in its smothered ashes? Or...will we fan the flames and let our torches burn brightly?

That is why we joined this fight, alongside Dr. Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin, and so many MILLIONS of average Americans who want something better for our nation and ALL it’s people. We seek to work together with ALL of our local communities to unchain the power of voluntary human interaction. This REVOLUTION will not be fought by soldiers, but rather every-day people like you and me; small business owners, parents, farmers, citizen ACTIVISTS with an extraordinary passion for standing up for what is right, not for just ONE voice, but for ALL OF THEM!

Join us in this historic moment in time. Please take time to go visit Chris Nass over in the Merchandise pavilion and while your there make sure to sign the petition today and help Dr. Jorgensen get onto the ballot in ALL 50 STATES! Make sure the establishment knows that Wisconsin wants Dr. Jo Jorgensen for President in 2020!!! LET'S GET TO WORK! WE ARE THE POWER! IMAGINE! WE CAN BE THE FIRST ONES FREE! ARMY OF LIBERTY! IT'S TIME FOR REAL CHANGE! VOTE LIBERTARIAN! VOTE DR. JO JORGENSEN!

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https://jo20.com/ to find out more!

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