We peacefully assembled to deliver a message that there IS another option on the ballot in ALL 50 states this November!

The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin along with a handful of eager and enthusiastic volunteers welcomed Dr. Jo Jorgensen to the foot of the Capitol Building in Madison, Wisconsin with open arms!

We peacefully assembled to deliver a message that there IS another option on the ballot in ALL 50 states this November! Right around 200 people joined us out on the lawn this gorgeous Saturday evening, the prevailing Autumn winds igniting the central tree ablaze in a glory of red.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen delivered a powerful speech to our communities, a plea to vote, not for her, but for US! She spoke of her convictions to remove Government intrusion from our lives, to rid the barriers that stand in the way of prosperity and success, peace and freedom for so many millions of people.

With the dust settling quietly upon the euphoria of this entire experience, I cannot help but feel utterly humbled, vigorously driven, and adamantly confident in the cause we all work so tirelessly TOGETHER for.

In the Libertarian Party, we come together as unique individuals in a joint effort to preserve the LIBERTY of every human. Whether that be in our country or abroad, or even for those we entirely disagree with, we wish for EVERYONE to live life by their own determination.

"There is nobody better suited to make decisions for your life than you are." - Dr. Jo Jorgensen

We as individuals in this movement, do not always agree on what the solutions to the problems in our communities look like; however, we always stand firmly UNITED in the principles of self-ownership, non-aggression, and accountability.

I could not be more sincerely grateful to be part of such a unique group of AMAZING human beings; it has been an absolute honor to meet, get-to-know, and work alongside ALL of you! I eagerly anticipate where all of our efforts will take this movement in the coming years!

For those who showed up yesterday (and in the last few weeks) to help out and volunteer, it was such an awe-inspiring sight to see everyone working so professionally, efficiently, and with care for one another and the wishes of the campaign staff! We really set a great impression with the campaign in how we organized and executed this event without any issues, and a spectacular turnout of viewers and local media!

I personally want to thank each and every one of you for helping make this possible and showing Dr. Jo that she has our support! I'll tag as many as I can in the comments (as I'm unable through the page post), and I hope others can help add those I'm not friends with...

Of course, I must first thank Dr. Jo Jorgensen for not only returning to Wisconsin, but also for consistently working so diligently to spread the message of Libertarianism, to grow the party and movement, while also maintaining humility, and modesty. You give average people a leader, not to follow, but to stand alongside! It is so incredibly easy to support, and campaign for such a well-spoken, classy, and cool Presidential candidate. (I almost lost it when she said that she had seen Metallic 5 times in concert)

KATHLEEN! The Project Manager for this and many other events along the bus tour! It didn't take me long to find out what a personable, hard-working, and supportive person she is; and I genuinely cannot THANK HER enough, nor put into words really how great it felt to work alongside her to make sure this event was absolutely PERFECT! I greatly look forward to working further with you in the future in any capacity that I am able to help out with, and Nadia and I are so glad to have made such a stellar new friend!

I also MUST mention the rest of the INCREDIBLE crew on Dr. Jo's bus tour! I had the opportunity to meet and speak with some of the most strong-willed, hard-working, and fiercely determined women that are active in the Libertarian Party! So, shoutout to Kate, Kenna, and Kendall (my apologies if I misspelled any of your names...and I'm terrible with last names so I hope Kathleen can help me tag them in the comments ).

You can genuinely tell they each carry such a burning conviction for their role on Jo's team and held an impressive finely tuned event from beginning to end! I did not have the opportunity to speak with the other members aboard the bus, however, most certainly want to pass my gratitude onto you for everything you did to make the event possible!

From the LPWI, there are a plethora of members that really stepped up in tremendous ways! Whether it was scouting locations in the area, connecting us to resources and volunteers, donating time/money/or product toward the event, organizing speakers, or coordinating efforts, from beginning to end I had an incredible support structure to assure this event was successful!

Please forgive me if I forget anyone, but a HUGE thank you to David, Chris, John, Tyler, Phil, Mike, Neil, and all those working behind the scenes from the LPWI!

Thank you to the lively and passionate speakers:

Sasha Anderson, although a little nervous really helped welcome everyone to the event with a big smile and wise words! It is very cool to see younger generations of people stepping out of their comfort and using their voices proudly for Liberty!

Brian Defferding is "the kind of guy that wakes up and eats Liberty for breakfast." -Nadia AND explained his efforts as an ELECTED Libertarian and the REAL CHANGE he is working toward bringing to his community, especially in the area of criminal justice and prison reform!

Reese Wood had the opportunity to reach out in his local area and help them understand why he was removed from their ballots this November, what his plan to fight the blatant voter suppression has been, and how he will bring real change when you write-in his name!

Last for the speakers, but certainly not least, how can I not mention my adorable, bubbly, and energetic wife, Nadia! There could have not been a better Emcee for this event! She kept the energy moving, spirits high, and give phenomenal introductions for each speaker!

I need to especially thank our outstandingly professional SECURITY team. Jason, you lead a tremendous group of individuals that all worked effectively, efficiently, and with utter poise and report! THANK YOU Jason, Jacob, Bryan, Evan, Jordan, and the few others that joined on during the event to assure a peaceful, laid-back, and secure environment for us to exercise our right to peacefully assemble!! Thank you also Jason for the extra work to help recruit volunteers and spread the word of the event, as well as provide water and ice for the volunteers!

I must make note of the honest and earnest reporting of the news media who shared the event that evening to the local area! I invited many news outlets to the event, nearly 20, and Channel 3000, WQOW (abc18), WMTV (nbc15), and The Badger Herald displayed their integrity to free and open journalism for all Presidential candidates on the ballot this November! THANK YOU to these news outlets for setting such an exemplary standard!

I would never forget to thank ALL of the around 200 people that showed up to give Dr. Jo Jorgensen a chance to speak, to actually listen to what she has to say and how she wants to work TOGETHER WITH AMERICA to take this country BACK! I saw so many relieved, reassured, and restored spirits in the crowd, people looking for a real leader to stand with us and move our communities forward!!!

On a personal note, I want to give a very special thank you to my parents who were so gracious as to take our children for the whole weekend so that we could be there with our full attention on this event, AND absolutely everything they are always willing to do to help us in our endeavors!

If I forgot anyone at all, PLEASE do not hesitate to let me know! I want to make sure, as credit earned is credit due. I will, of course, NEVER forget what we were all capable accomplishing yesterday when we worked together!

*If you have any pictures or video footage from the event, and don't mind sharing, please send it either via FB or at! I would like to compile all the coverage I can from the event



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