Trump's Last Months...

There's a number of pandering promises he made to Libertarians in a pathetic attempt to sway our vote away from principles.

Bringing the troops home, ending the income tax, pardoning whistleblowers, among other things...that I and many others never believed he'd ever actually follow through on...

What are the odds he actually cares about any of them enough to use his last few months as President to make REAL change? My bet's on slim, to none.

He will spend the next few months fighting a losing battle to try and reverse the election (fraudulent or not), will take in millions in campaign donations to do it, and then will spirit away like a thief in the night when/if Joe Biden officially becomes President.

When will we stop electing leaders who do not lead by principle, and would rather lead with their pockets?

Wake up America, VOTE LIBERTARIAN!!

#VoteGOLD #VoteLibertarian #NoMorePolitics

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